Track: Warning Signs of Cancer

Warning Signs of Cancer


An imaging test is a method of determining which areas of a person are impacted. X-rays, sound waves, radioactive particles, and magnetic fields are among the energy sources used in the test. The bodily tissues alter the energy patterns in such a way that an image or picture of the interior location and functioning is created, allowing health care workers to spot alterations caused by diseases such as cancer.

Computed Tomography (CT): The most common imaging method used to detect cancer cells and monitor its spread.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-ionizing imaging technique that utilises high magnetic fields. In the head and neck region, MRI is utilised to look for cancer or sarcoma.

X-rays and other Radiographic Tests: X-rays and other radiographic tests aid doctors in the detection of cancer in various parts of the body, including bones and organs such as the stomach and kidneys, and are typically quick and painless, whereas other tests may necessitate more advance preparation and result in discomfort and side effects.

Mammography: An X-ray image is used to examine breast tumours and also used in breast cancer screening.

The cervix, pancreas, liver, and kidneys can all be examined by ultrasound. Ultrasound techniques can also be used to take needle biopsies.

Visualization, characterisation, and quantification of biological activities of cancer cells at the molecular and cellular levels in living systems is known as molecular imaging.

Medical imaging, often known as biomedical imaging, is a type of imaging that is used for clinical analysis and medical intervention. Biomedical imaging is a type of imaging that uses x-rays or ultrasound to examine the current state of an organ or tissue for both diagnostic and therapeutic reasons.

Biomarkers are naturally occurring substances, genes, created by tumour cells or other cells in the body for a specific pathological or physiological process in response to a tumour that can be utilised as a cancer screening/early detection tool.