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Track: Oncology Nursing and Care  

Oncology Nursing and Care  


In addition to medical care, oncology nurses provide emotional support and guidance to patients and their families. They help individuals cope with the physical and emotional challenges of cancer, offering counseling, education, and resources to enhance quality of life. Oncology nurses also facilitate communication between patients and the healthcare team, ensuring that patients' concerns are heard and addressed. Palliative care and symptom management are essential components of oncology nursing. Oncology nurses work closely with interdisciplinary teams to alleviate pain, manage treatment side effects, and enhance comfort for patients with advanced or terminal cancer. They provide ongoing support, facilitating open and honest discussions about end-of-life care and helping patients and families make informed decisions. Oncology nursing also involves survivorship care. After completing cancer treatment, patients require long-term follow-up care to monitor for recurrence, manage late effects of treatment, and support their transition back to normal life. Oncology nurses play a key role in survivorship care, providing education, surveillance, and emotional support to survivors. The field of oncology nursing is constantly evolving with advancements in cancer research and treatment. Oncology nurses actively engage in continuing education and stay updated on the latest evidence-based practices to provide the highest standard of care. They are involved in educating patients about cancer prevention strategies, performing cancer screenings, and providing support during diagnosis and treatment planning. They also administer chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other cancer treatments, closely monitoring patients for side effects and adjusting care plans accordingly.

·        Oncology Inpatient Clinical Service Unit
·        Ambulatory Setting
·        Oncology Role Outside of the Clinical Setting
·        Survivorship/Palliative Care and Hospice