Virtual Conference


Scientex conferences hosts a plethora of conferences in various fields but not limited to Medicine, Pharma, Health Science, Life Science, Engineering and Technology. All our events are organized with utmost care and diligence in providing the greatest of facilities and infrastructure that one could possibly provide for the smooth and successful transmission of knowledge transfer that takes place between the attendees of our conference for mutual beneficiary purposes that would eventually push to attain the prosperity of solving the modern scientific problems for the betterment of our lives.
We are delighted to invite you all to the: 3rd International Conference on Oncology Research and Treatment designed to hold from November 30-December 01, 2023 in Dubai, UAE under the theme “The Advancements in Oncology Research and Treatment”.
Oncology 2023 will provide an ideal and unique opportunity for academic professors, students, scientists, Doctors to present different sessions in the Oncology field.
To have a good time at this fruitful meeting, we have very interesting scientific sessions with different topics ranging Cancer- types, Clinical Research & Clinical Trials of cancer, Causes of cancer, Viral and Bacterial Causes of Cancer, Treatments of Cancer, Cancer Biomarkers, Palliative Care, Stem Cell Therapy, Cancer Drugs Market and more. Cancer Conference should promote the mutual understanding between experts, scientists and students who prompt to learn and take their major steps in this arena.
It is an occurrence to meet, listen, discuss, and share knowledge of inspired Cancer science people across the globe. We truly hope that Oncology 2022 becomes an irreplaceable opportunity that sets the foundation for more cutting-edge development in the area of cancer research.