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Track: Cancer- Types and Causes  

Cancer- Types and Causes  


The unchecked growth and spread of aberrant cells characterises the complex and varied group of diseases known as cancer. It includes a variety of varieties, each with particular traits and therapeutic strategies. Breast, lung, colorectal, prostate, and skin cancer are typical cancers. Cancer is caused by a variety of variables, including hereditary, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Certain types of cancer are more likely to occur in people who have genetic alterations, whether inherited or acquired. Cancer growth can also be influenced by environmental factors, such as exposure to carcinogens like cigarette smoke, radiation, and certain chemicals. In addition, cancer risk can be raised by lifestyle decisions such poor eating habits, inactivity, and excessive alcohol intake. For prevention, it is crucial to understand the many cancer forms and causes.
·        Carcinogenesis
·        Physical carcinogens
·        Chemical carcinogens
·        Biological carcinogens