Track: Cancer Grades and Cancer Stages

Cancer Grades and Cancer Stages


Cancer Grading: Grading refers to how cancer cells appear under a microscope when compared to healthy cells. The following is a common grading system for determining the shape and severity of cancer:

Grade 1: Tumor cells and tissue resemble healthy cells and tissue most closely. These tumours are known as well-differentiated tumours and are of low grade.
Grade 2: The cells and tissue are moderately differentiated, which means they are slightly aberrant. These are tumours of intermediate severity.
Grade 3: Cancer cells and tissue have a very unusual appearance. Because they lack an architectural framework or pattern, these tumours are classified as poorly differentiated.

Undifferentiated tumours of grade 4 have the most abnormal-looking cells. These are the most serious tumours, because they grow and spread more quickly than lower-grade tumours.

Stages of Cancer: It specifies its size and whether it has spread from its original location. Distinct forms of cancer have different staging systems.